Max Calendar Widget


Max Calendar Widget is an Android Home Screen Widget intended to bring as munch relevant appointment information as possible on your home screen. The Widget allows for up to 8 different appointments to be stored on your homescreen. This is done by only displaying necessary information. An example: Your apointment is today at 2 pm. So why showing the date together with the time?

How to use?

QR-Code for download
  1. Downoad Max Calendar Widget from the Android Market: Search for it or make a picture of the QR-Code on the right using your barcode scanner.
  2. Add the widget to your homescreen by long tapping on an empty space on your homescreen and selecting "Max Calendar Widget" from the Widgets menu. Max Calendar Widget is no application! It will not show up in your app list
  3. Select the calendars you want to use and the settings from the appearing dialog. Click "Save" and the widget will be there.

And now? The widget will refresh every hour automatically or you can refersh it manually by tapping the right lower corner of the widget. Hit the center of the widget to open the Google Calendar application.


Max Calendar Widget is a spare time project and the widget is free of charge. I am happy about nice comments and good ratings but would also be very happy in case you use the button below to honor my work.



Got any comments, ideas or questions on Max Calendar Widget? Don't hesitate to ask.

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